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April: Lectures started and I wish all collegues, coworkers and students a good semester!

February & March:
Some more travels to Mainz (presenting our proposal for the LCRMC) and Jena for the ADUC meeting added some spice to the daily routine of research and paper writing. Also we, Prof. Dominik Horinek, Dr. Liz Lupton and I, held a teaching course on applied theoretical chemistry for bachelor students. It was great fun, with lots of interaction and good response. Last but not least I had a short oral presentation on photochemical reactions within the 2-day event of the graduate school (GRK 1626, Chemical Photocatalysis) to give some insight into our mechanistic studies in this field.

2018 starts with plenty of new chemistry in our own labs and in collaboration work. Invitations to present some of our research in Saarbr├╝cken, Aachen (RWTH) and Munich (LMU) later this year promise some interesting & inspiring dicussions, the development of new networks and ideas. I am looking forward to the Wiley meeting in March as well as the CDT just before that. Everyone a prosperous and happy 2018!



Open Positions

Constantly seeking motivated and creative  students at undergraduate level for their practical courses (F-Praktikum, Naturstoffpraktikum, Reaktionsmechanismen-Praktikum) and final projects (Bachelor & Master thesis). We offer the opportunity to participate in interdsiciplinary projects (synthesis, physical-organic methods, computational chemistry) with the option of publication in peer-reviewed journals. Our lab will be finished with reuiling in the beginning of November. Computational work, however, will be possible mid October!

For more information please contact me via email!

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