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The publication machinery is still going strong, two more manuscripts have been accepted for publication! Congrats to Jenny & Steffi & Simon in our group, very well done!

The conferenc in Munich involving everythhing around chemistry using photons was great! And the visit to Halle- Leopolidina left me with the deep impression that physical organic chemisty is back on stage! Inspiring talks and good discussions, looking forward to the sequal in Februrary 2019, Bad Honeff (infos vide infra). :)

Our JACS publication with Tanja Gulder (TUM) has been accpeted and is already online! Check it out:
doi: 10.10021/acs.jacs.8b08350

The month of conferences has started now. We, Simon & Patrick & I, will participate at the meeting on Photocatalyses in Munich (TUM) and I will also attend the Physical-Organic Chemsitry Meeting in Halle the same week. Looking forward to meeting collegues and friends and listen to inspireing talks and discussions!

We submitted four manuscripts to finish our first summer term in Regensburg that has been very productive. Great job everyone!



Open Positions

Constantly seeking motivated and creative  students at undergraduate level for their practical courses (F-Praktikum, Naturstoffpraktikum, Reaktionsmechanismen-Praktikum) and final projects (Bachelor & Master thesis). We offer the opportunity to participate in interdsiciplinary projects (synthesis, physical-organic methods, computational chemistry) with the option of publication in peer-reviewed journals. Our lab will be finished with reuiling in the beginning of November. Computational work, however, will be possible mid October!

For more information please contact me via email!

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