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Current Members


Basti(an) Wulff
bastian.wulff "at" chemie.uni-hamburg.de

PhD student

working on cationic reaciton cascades and funny mechanistic scenarios

Patrick Sakrausky
Patrick.Sakrausky "at" chemie.uni-regensburg.de

PhD student
working on reaction path bifurcations in the formation processes of terpenoid systems


Daniel Harms-Pollak
fckx023 "at" chemie.uni-hamburg.de

PhD student in a joined project of Prof. Ralph Holl (MedChem; UHH) and PhysOrgChem (our group, UR)

Simon Malcherek

PhD student

working on breaking C-C bonds using NHCs and hunting down reaction path bifurcations


Jenny Phan

PhD student

taking the radicals in NHC-catalysis one (two, three) step further


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