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Prof. Dr. Julia Rehbein

works at

Universität Regensburg
Fakultät für Chemie & Pharmazie
Universitätsstrasse 31
93053 Regensburg

CH 23.1.85


Physical Organic Chemistry


News - latest publications


September 2018

Fluorine as a Traceless Directing Group for the Regiodivergent Synthesis of Indoles and Tryptophanes
Anna Andies-Ulmer, Christoph Brunner, Julia Rehbein*, and Tanja Gulder*
doi: 10.10021/acs.jacs.8b08350

August 2018

Ir(ppy)3-Catalyzed, Visible-Light-Mediated Reaction of a-Chloro Cinnamates with Enol Acetates: An Apparent Halogen Paradox
Assik Thomas Föll, Julia Rehbein, and Oliver Reiser*
doi: 10.10021/acs.orglett.8b02484

April 2018

Visible-Light-Accelerated Copper(II)-Catalyzed Regio- and Chemoselective Oxo-Azidation of Vinyl Arenes

Assik Hossain, Adiyala Vidyasagar, Christian Eichinger, Christian Lankes, Jenny Phan, Julia Rehbein*, and Oliver Reiser*
doi: 10.1002/anie.201801678


Funded by FCI (Liebig-Stipendium until June 2014 & PhD-Fellowship)
and DFG (Emmy-Noether July 2014 - now).

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